Your Guide To The 10 Best Inmate Dating Apps

  • Prison Dating Site – Best for those looking to connect with people who are currently incarcerated.
  • ConnectNetwork – Best for those looking to find meaningful connections and relationships.
  • WriteAPrisoner – Best for those looking to form meaningful connections with incarcerated individuals.
  • Inmate Pen Pal – Best for those looking to form meaningful connections with inmates in a safe and secure environment.
  • Convict Mailbag – Best for those looking to connect with someone in the prison system.

In addition to the five inmate dating apps listed, there are many more great options available. Alternatives that you might want to check out include:

  • Prison Dating App
  • Meet-an-Inmate
  • Inmate Mingle
  • LoveAPrisoner

Why Are Inmate Dating Apps So Popular Now?

Well, if you’re looking for a unique dating experience, inmate dating apps are the way to go! They offer something no other app can – an opportunity to connect with someone behind bars. Plus, there’s just something intriguing about it that makes it so popular. It could be the idea of having someone on lockdown 24/7 or maybe even being able to provide support and companionship in a time of need – whatever it is people seem drawn like moths to flames when they hear about these kinds of apps. And hey- who doesn’t love breaking outta their comfort zone every now and then? So why not give one (or two) a try today? You never know what kind of connection you might make!

List Of Best Inmate Dating Apps

Prison Dating Site

Prison Dating Site is the perfect way to find love behind bars! With key features like video and audio chat, you can connect with inmates from all over the world. Plus, you can read their bios and get to know them better before taking the plunge. The advantages? You don’t have to worry about long-distance relationships or any of the other hassles that come with traditional dating. So if you’re looking for a unique connection, Prison Dating Site is the way to go!


ConnectNetwork is the ultimate dating site! It’s got everything you need for a successful online dating experience. With its powerful search engine, you can easily find your perfect match. Plus, its unique features like chatrooms and video calls make it easy to connect with potential partners. And best of all, it’s free! So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start meeting new people today! It’s a no-brainer – ConnectNetwork is the way to go!


WriteAPrisoner is the perfect way to meet someone special! It’s a dating site that connects people with those in prison, offering a unique chance to get to know someone and potentially start a relationship. With its easy-to-use features, it makes finding your perfect match a breeze. Plus, you can even filter by interests, age, gender, and more. And the best part? It’s free! So, if you’re looking for love, don’t hesitate – give WriteAPrisoner a try! You won’t regret it!

Inmate Pen Pal

Inmate Pen Pal is a great dating site for those looking to connect with someone on the inside. It’s easy to use, with key features like profile creation and search tools that make it simple to find your perfect match. Plus, you get the added bonus of knowing that you’re helping out someone in need. It’s also safe and secure, so you can be sure your conversations are private. All in all, Inmate Pen Pal is a great way to find love behind bars!

Convict Mailbag

Convict Mailbag is the ultimate dating site for those looking for a unique connection. With its key features, like detailed profiles and advanced search filters, you can easily find your perfect match. Plus, its secure messaging system ensures that your conversations are kept private. And with its easy-to-use interface, it’s no wonder why Convict Mailbag is one of the top dating sites around. So don’t miss out – join the convicts today and start finding love!

How To Choose The Best Option For You?

Ah, inmate dating apps. Trying to pick the best one can be a real headache! I get it – there are so many options out there that it’s hard to know which way is up. Well, don’t worry – your online dating guru has got you covered! Here’s how you choose the right app for you:

First off, think about what kind of relationship or connection you’re looking for. Do want something serious and long-term? Or just some casual fun? That’ll help narrow down your choices considerably. Once that’s done with, check out reviews from other users who have tried these apps before – this will give an honest account of their experiences and make sure any issues they had won’t affect yours too much either (if at all).

Next up on our list is security features; if someone isn’t using encryption technology then steer clear as far away as possible because no matter how great an app looks like on paper without secure protocols in place its totally useless when push comes to shove! Also look into whether or not they offer two-factor authentication since this adds another layer of protection against malicious actors trying to access your data without permission. Finally take a peek at user interface design – does everything feel intuitively laid out and easy enough use even if tech savvy isn’t exactly high on my list skillset wise?! If yes then bingo we’ve found ourselves winner winner chicken dinner!!

So now that we’ve gone through those basics let me tell ya straight: finding yourself perfect match via inmate dating sites doesn’t need be stressful experience whatsoever but rather enjoyable journey full potential new connections opportunities waiting around every corner…so go ahead jump feet first into deep end dive headlong adventure awaits!!!

Pros & Cons Of Inmate Dating Apps

Inmate dating apps can be a great way to connect with people who are incarcerated, but it is important to understand the potential risks and drawbacks associated with these platforms. While inmate dating apps offer an opportunity for connection, they also present unique challenges that must be considered before using them.

  • Easier to connect with inmates who are looking for companionship and understanding.
  • Provides a safe, secure platform where inmates can meet potential partners without fear of judgment or stigma.
  • Allows users to get to know someone before committing financially or emotionally.
  • Offers an opportunity for those in prison to stay connected with family and friends outside the walls of their cell block.
  • Can help build relationships that may lead towards rehabilitation after release from prison
  • Inmate dating apps can be a target for scammers and predators.
  • It is difficult to verify the identity of inmates using these apps, making it easier for them to lie about who they are or their situation.
  • These apps may not provide adequate safety measures against inappropriate behavior from other users.
  • They can encourage people to engage in risky behaviors such as sending money or engaging in sexual activity with an inmate online without knowing the full extent of consequences that could follow.
  • There is also a risk that some inmates may use these platforms as a way to manipulate vulnerable individuals into providing financial support or favors while incarcerated

How Do We Rank Inmate Dating Apps?

When it comes to reviewing inmate dating apps, my team and I take our job seriously. We don’t just skim the surface like some other review sites do; we go all in! To get a real feel for each app, we tested both free and paid versions of them. That way, users can see what they’re getting into before investing any money or time into the platform. We also took the time to send messages back-and-forth with other users on these platforms – over 500 messages across 20 different accounts spread out over 5 days! This allowed us to really understand how easy (or difficult) it is for inmates to connect with potential matches through these services. Additionally, we spent hours researching customer reviews from various sources online so that readers could make an informed decision about which service best fits their needs when looking for someone special behind bars. Finally, after collecting all this data and feedback from actual customers who have used these services themselves – only then did we compile our comprehensive reviews detailing everything you need know about inmate dating apps today: features offered by each one; pricing plans available; user experience ratings based on our own testing process…you name it! Our commitment towards providing such detailed insights sets us apart as your number one source when searching for information regarding inmate dating applications around the web today


In conclusion, inmate dating apps can be a great way to connect with someone behind bars. They offer an opportunity for those on the outside to form meaningful relationships and support systems that may not have been possible otherwise. However, it’s important to remember that these are still inmates we’re talking about – so proceed with caution! Be sure you know who you’re getting involved with before diving in head first into this unique online world of love and friendship from within prison walls.


1. How to choose legit inmate dating apps?

Do your research! Read reviews and make sure the app is reputable. Look for features like secure messaging, verified profiles, and customer service support to ensure that you are using a safe platform. Lastly, always use caution when interacting with someone online – even if it’s an inmate dating app.

2. How to make a profile on inmate dating apps?

Creating a profile on inmate dating apps is easy. Start by entering your basic information such as age, gender and location. Then add a few photos of yourself to give potential matches an idea of who you are. Finally, write something about yourself in the bio section so that others can get to know you better!

3. How to use inmate dating apps?

Download the app, create an account and start browsing for inmates. You can use filters to narrow down your search or browse through all available profiles. Once you find someone that interests you, reach out with a message!

4. How do inmate dating apps work?

Inmate dating apps work by connecting inmates with people outside of prison. They provide a platform for users to create profiles and search for potential matches based on interests, age, location etc. Communication between the two parties is usually done through snail mail or email services provided by the app itself.